Water and Economy


The water sector is undergoing major changes, some of which we would like to address in this edition of the Dutch trade journal ‘Waterbranche Trends + Visies’. ‘Water and Economy’ is the main theme of this issue and one of the topics to be discussed at the 2017 Aquatech Amsterdam Water Technology Trade Exhibition (October 31st – November 3rd). To be honest, innovation, climate change, pollution control, resilient cities, water technology, water scarcity, water and ICT, and water and energy, it all comes down to one thing: money.

The circular economy might be the best and most cost-effective option to pay for the innovative solutions to most of the water related issues and challenges, the world has to deal with in the decades to come. With that in mind, and knowing that many of the 21,000 water technology professionals visiting Aquatech Amsterdam don’t understand Dutch, we are proud to present the (first ever) English language edition of ‘Waterbranche Trends + Visies’ at the exhibition. We sincerely hope that our Dutch readers do not mind, and will enjoy reading this special edition.

In this issue we would like to introduce chairperson Hein Pieper of the Dutch Water Authority Rijn and IJssel who is a firm believer in the circular economy: “Nothing should be wasted, because we are convinced all waste has value, and should either be re-used or recycled. To achieve that goal, we are looking differently at our tasks. Sure, we are responsible for water treatment, but also for seeing and seizing emerging opportunities in our immediate surroundings. Therefore it is our policy to work together with local and regional partners.” Read all about the innovative and the economically feasible solutions the water board and its partners are working on.

The Dutch water financing system is solid, and almost future proof. However, this system incorporates hardly any economic incentives to save water. Corporate economist and owner of Sterk Consulting Robert van Cleef explains why this should change.

Our third main story is an interview with business manager Alex Hekman of Dutch engineering consultancy Sweco. Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta needs to be protected against future flooding, but first, the city’s gigantic sanitation problems have to be addressed to avoid an environmental and economic catastrophe. Doing nothing is not an option. We are looking forward to introducing you to these and other stories!

Jacques Geluk

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